Earth Day and Egg Salad

Posted on April 18, 2013


With all that’s going on with Earth Day, other events, and the grand flourishing of spring and perfect weather, I’m here to encourage y’all to keep up with your market shopping this weekend so that you can keep having the good, local, nutritious food that you,  your bodies, and your families are used to having on hand.

Read on for market and event info, and an interesting and easy egg salad made entirely from Forsyth Farmers’ Market purchases.



Earth Days are Not Easy

Fun, yes. Easy for the farmers and the market, not so much. The market is open from 9am-3pm, AND in a totally different arrangement than you’re used to. Look for all the vendors in a single line extending from a little ways north of the tennis courts to as far as the statue, under the trees and facing the east lawn and Drayton St. All meat vendors will be on the south end so they can be close to electricity and refrigeration, and the rest of the vendors will line up in the order in which they arrive. All of the normal vendors are planning to be there, though, so keep looking if you don’t see your regulars.

I made a map so you can see where I’m talking about:



If you haven’t heard, Revival Foods is hosting this unique event this weekend, combining LJ Woods Farm heritage meats prepared by Charleston chef Craig Deihl, specially brewed beers from the award-winning Evil Twin Brewing, and music from The Mosier Brothers Band. If you feel like getting away from town on Saturday, this is a great alternative. But today’s the last day to get tickets!



‘Bout the same as last week.



True, egg salad in itself is decidedly not eccentric, but what you put in it can be.

IMG_1255This week’s ingredient challenge: Pat and Vegetable Kingdom’s Smoky Pepper Jelly.

Sweet, not overtly smoky, tangy, and very reminiscent of sweet pickle relish. I like this stuff right out of the jar, and I would totally use it on a PBJ if I was into bread. It’s perfect with, as are more common, cream cheese ‘n crackers, in a glaze for meat, in a barbecue sauce, as a dip for tempura or samosas, etc.

But the hint-o-sweet-pickle got me thinkin’. A recent arrangement to get me three more laying hens sealed the deal. I give you my first nod to warm weather foods (and concoctions that don’t involve pig):

Sweet and Smoky Egg Salad Salad

Ingredients, straight from the FFM or my backyard:

  1. Hard-boil the eggs, cool and peel. (Here’s an interesting method from 4-Hour Work Week author Tim Ferriss)
  2. Mash eggs in a bowl with jelly, chopped spring onions, and herbs. If you like, feel free to add yogurt or homemade mayonnaise.
  3. Season to taste with vinegar, mustard powder (or prepared mustard), salt and pepper. etc.
  4. Serve over spicy salad greens with a little sriracha to accent the pepper jelly.

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It’s going to be a beautiful, active day. Bring your recyclables, and we’ll see you there!