No Forsyth Market This Weekend

Posted on March 14, 2013


Attention! Even though the Connect and your crisper drawers think and wish there was a FFM this weekend, there’s not! St. Pats would surely put a hurtin’ on farmers’ ability to set up and consumers’ ability to make sober purchases, so we elected to cancel for the weekend.

But produce can still be had! Please make your way to Bethesda Academy this afternoon, where you’ll be able to peruse goods from both Bethesda and Walker Farms from 3-5:30pm.

Bethesda Academy
eggs, goats’ milk soap, micro-greens, pickled turnips

Walker Farms
watermelon radishes, scarlet queen turnips, baby leeks, Wade’s Winter Salad Mix, pea shoots, red russian kale, baby rainbow carrots, rosemary, cilantro

I had some of Wade’s Winter Salad Mix this week, and it’s the perfect blend of tender and hearty, and mild and spicy greenery.

Scavenger’s tip
Use the vinegar left over from your pickled turnips to make a zippy salad dressing by combining with olive oil, the juice of an orange, rosemary and some black pepper. Add a little molasses or honey for some sweetness, and toss into your salad with some pecans, crumbly cheese and whatever else your salad-eatin’ heart desires.

Recipe Tomorrow
mango-chutneyI’ll follow up with a recipe for y’all tomorrow. Pat from Vegetable Kingdom was kind enough to offer me a jar of his Mango Chutney, and I have two incredibly tasty options for you: an appetizer and some beef curry! I’ll also be making a Guinness chocolate cake tomorrow and will post some pics of that, too.

Breakfast for Dinner
The pic above? The makings of a breakfast-for-dinner casserole, made with eggs from Flatland Farm, chorizo from Revival Foods, lacinato kale from Ogeechee River Gardens, sweet potato (for the crust!) from Berry Farms and leeks from Walker Farms oh yeah.

Talk atcha tomorrow-