Off the Wagon: Bacon Jam

Posted on January 6, 2013


also the name of my new band, in which i play the spoons.

all my digital subscriptions last week led me to Leite’s Culinaria site, bacon section, and this Bacon Jam recipe in particular.

thanks to the local fave Green Truck Pub for introducing me and some friends to bacon jam on one of their tremendously creative and addictive weekly burger specials. i forget what the actual burger combination was…i can recall only that one of us tongued the bottom of the bacon jam ramekin.

what, you ask, is bacon jam? the sweetish, spreadable version of that pork cut that makes everything taste better; brown sugary, oniony, between a relish and a jam, and without the gelatinousness of a jelly.

i scanned the recipe comments, and found myself in a glorious, sticky-fingered dreamscape of:

  • bacon jam on toast topped with a fried egg
  • grilled cheese with bacon jam
  • on a brioche with cheese
  • on pizza
  • in potato salad
  • in baked beans
  • on brussel sprouts


one quick facebooking of my friend alexis (GTP bacon jam incident compadre with a MUCH nicer kitchen), and my saturday plans were set.

pics from the process:

Shortcuts and Practical Advice:

  • for anything requiring cut/diced/crumbled bacon, just cut it with scissors/shears ahead before cooking. SO much quicker to cook since you can fit more into a pan, and easier to deal with than trying to cut cooked bacon and having the now-rigid pieces fly all over the place.
  • buy and cook more bacon than the recipe calls for because you know you can’t keep your hands off cooked bacon
  • consider using a stout or porter in place of the coffee. when i try this, i’ll tell you all about it.
  • don’t be too particular about the color of onion, the strength of coffee, the darkness of sugar, etc. it’s jam made from bacon. you will like it.
  • always ignore preparation times in formal recipes like this. it’s not that they lie, it’s just that they had other people prepping ingredients for them, and i’m pretty sure you and i don’t.

up next? Bacon Fat Cornbread

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