May 17, 2013
image courtesy April 26, 2013

Earth Day and Egg Salad

April 18, 2013


With all that’s going on with Earth Day, other events, and the grand flourishing of spring and perfect weather, I’m here to encourage y’all to keep up with your market shopping this weekend so that you can keep having the good, local, nutritious food that you,  your bodies, and your families are used to having […]

I’m back! Let’s eat.

April 12, 2013


Hey, everybody! I’ve missed you. Hope you’ve all been visiting your farmers each week; I dashed in last weekend and was very happy to see some of you! Let’s get back to it: NEWS Vendor Updates  Bethesda Academy: they’re bringing baby goats to market! This should be a riot. They’re also bringing a much bigger […]

April 6 Vendor of the Week

April 5, 2013


I’m still taking a blogging break while I work the Savannah Music Festival, but it just so happens that Vegetable Kingdom, the vendor who’s product I spotlighted in the Mango Chutney, Beef Curry post from a few weeks ago, is Vendor of the Week at the Forsyth Farmers Market tomorrow. So here’s your reminder to […]

FFM returns!

March 22, 2013


The Forsyth Farmers’ Market is back in action this Saturday; read all about it in their newsletter. LOCAL FOOD HIGHLIGHTS New vendor: Please welcome Flatland Foods from the Farm, the FFM’s newest prepared foods vendor. Their products are made using goods from Flatland Farm, and include both frozen, ready-to-eat, and canned goods. Check ’em out! Bethesda Academy […]

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Mango Chutney, Beef Curry

March 15, 2013


Oh people, get ready. I’m about to make you really hate the fact there’s no Forsyth Farmers’ Market tomorrow because you’re gonna have to wait a week to pick up what I’m about to put down. The Setup Pat, of Vegetable Kingdom, found out I was blogging about the market and farmers, and promptly offered […]

No Forsyth Market This Weekend

March 14, 2013


Attention! Even though the Connect and your crisper drawers think and wish there was a FFM this weekend, there’s not! St. Pats would surely put a hurtin’ on farmers’ ability to set up and consumers’ ability to make sober purchases, so we elected to cancel for the weekend. But produce can still be had! Please […]

Farm visit: Savannah River Farms

March 8, 2013


Below are excerpts from my upcoming article in next month’s WellFED about my visit to Savannah River Farms. I plan to write more about my visit, which I really enjoyed, so keep an eye out for that. I hope to return on a day when they’re butchering and making sausage! Many thanks to the Deens […]

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Farmers’ Market Preview March 9

March 8, 2013


Hello, eaters! I’ve missed you. Here’s what we can all look forward to this weekend: NEWS Vendor Updates  Who’s back: Carolina Plantation Rice, Charis Farm Who’s away: Avondale Apiary (that’s honey, y’all) Weather 65 and sunny! Holla! What’s in Season? The tide is about to turn, but recent posts include most of what you’ll find this week. […]

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